"Well, now it is actually!" jeers the caption. "Now you have got a actual excuse for not writing."

If this card kills you, don't worry about it. The Barker Greeting Card Enterprise of Cincinnati even has that 1 figured out" they've taken out an insurance coverage policy which pays $10,000 to the heirs of any individual who laughs himself to death over certainly one of their products.

Wacky? Take a look at some of the other cards. Numerous contain inserts"hairy monsters rubber-propelled bats that zoom in to the air like a "bat out of Hell," hunks of baloney comprehensive with knife, chamber pots "everything but the kitchen sink, an oversight that is being corrected with the new line. Father's Day cards bear such gifts as tobacco, razor blades, fake watches uk IOUs, and the provocative text, "You produced me what I am now; happy, Dad" There are noise-makers and Bronx cheers, cards to be study below water and cards that unfold into full-size clothing""the shirt right off my back. patek philippe replica "

A 5 year quest led towards the Christmas special: a one-dollar music box which plays a full chorus of Jingle Bells. Its good results turned the factory into a miniature Tin Pan Alley. Valentine cards tinkle Let Me Contact You Sweetheart. Birthday cards play Delighted Birthday To You. For Mother's Day the theme is Property Sweet House. Just now they are working on an intriguing design: a card that showers perfume upon the recipient.

How does such insanity get its get started? Effectively, seven years ago Lt. Bill Shane lay in an Okinawa hospital bed, speculating upon his function within the postwar world. To assist pass the hours, he dashed off another card to his boyhood chum Al Barker, proprietor of a smaller stationery store in Cincinnati. A card, not a letter, for correspondence between the pair had deteriorated into an exchange of humorous verse.

Back in Ohio patek philippe imitation watch , meanwhile, Barker was shaking his head regretfully at a greeting- card salesman's most current line of samples. Commented Barker, "I could do superior than that with a single brain shut. So could my pal Bill."


When the war ended, Shane and Barker pooled their sources, borrowed a handful of thousand dollars, and"without any preceding expertise inside the field"began to publish humorous, surprise effect and novelty greetings. Currently their firm would be the largest inside the planet devoted exclusively to such cards and it is nonetheless expanding. For competitive factors the partners don't prefer to go over figures and finances: their 1951 sales were a vague "20 to 50 million cards." When known as self-made millionaires, patek philippe watches fake they demur, saying "Not yet, perhaps by subsequent year."

E) A rolling blacksmith shop. H. D. Houser serves 300 farmers and breeders in a 50-mile area in Ohio with his smithy on wheels. You could get as several prospects as you desire once you make your shop mobile.

7. S-O-S-Boss in Difficulty.

A small businessman's secretary comes down having a heavy cold just around the day when all those letters ought to get out. A company's switchboard operator twists her ankle and can't come to perform. A shoe store's salesman calls in sick at the height of your busy season.$10,000 When you Die Laughing (Dec, 1951)

$10,000 In case you Die Laughing

Insurance against laughicide is all within the day's business enterprise for these Mad Hatters with the comic greeting-card sector.

By Edward Dembitz

"WHY don't you write" the card asks tenderly. "Is your hand broken" You lift the cover and, wham, a miniature metal bear-trap clamps down on your finger!

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